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Performing on stage is exhilarating.  It's a tightrope you walk with your audience and the reaction you receive from them is immediate.  It's a thrill bringing to life the characters that were, only moments before, described on page. 



Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

Performance Arts Monterey ~

The Tempest (in a teapot) By Philip Pearce

"As the usurper villain Antonio and his nasty sidekick Sebastian, Larry Oblander II and Director Patrick R. Golden team up to deliver the sharpest and most perceptive acting of the evening. With dark wit and flawless melodramatic timing, they plot to take over the island, natural resources and all, by murdering two of their more noble fellow shipwreck survivors."


Performing Arts Monterey ~

Hyde By Philip Pearce

"...the best supporting work in that regard was done by the two actors who concentrated on character and didn’t try too hard to sound English. One was Larry Oblander II, a strong and convincing Jekyll even when he was being murdered..."

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