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The power of voice makes every story come alive and transforms the listener into a world of imagination, intrigue, discovery, wonderment and excitement as seen in the author's mind!


Every story is just as important to me as it is to the author and I want to ensure that the listeners of each book thirst for more books because of their listening experience.


When I used to read to my boys when they were young, we read through the entire Narnia series and I used a separate, distinct voice for each character that my boys were able to recognize. By that, I mean, if I got lazy with a voice and they ran together, they knew because it "wasn't the characters voice."


From then on, I saw the potential of every story being able to grip the listener, no matter what their age is, and transport them into the characters world. 


I have a wide array of accents that include British, Australian, Southern, Caribbean, East Indian, and several others. I am keen on creating a voice for each character in a story.

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Larry Oblander

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